“Give them fish and they eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime.”
– Lao Tzu

The Cever School

Cever is a vocational schook, located in yoro, Honduras, that serves students beetween the ages of 12-24. Students study in the technical areas of automechanics, welding, industrial mechanics, sewing and woodworking, and also have the option of pursuing basic educational courses.

The CEVER Project

The CEVER Project works to support the CEVER School financially, spiritually, and emotionally. In the process of providing support, we hope to build and strengthen links between people in Maine and people in Honduras, as part of the larger partnership of the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical and Reformed Church of Honduras.

Support the CEVER school – buy Honduras Partnership coffee!

Organic,Fair Trade,Maine Roasted…DELICIOUS coffee! …and for a great cause!

The Honduras Partnership Committee of the Maine Conference, United Church of Christ, is pleased to announce the latest way to support the youth of Honduras. 

When you purchase a 12oz bag of Honduras Partnership coffee, $2 will go to the CEVER vocational school in Yoro, Honduras.  CEVER is a transformational place, where Honduran youth are empowered to get some of the few well-paying jobs in Honduras. 

The coffee is from Fair Trade and Organic certified small farms in Honduras, so the growers benefit from your purchase, too, as they receive a fair price for their coffee.  Visit the website of our partner, Wicked Joe’s Coffee, to order your Honduras Partnership Coffee today!

www.wickedjoe.com then click on the Special Project Coffees tab to order your Honduras Partnership Coffee

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